I began with a journey, one with no point of origin or final destination. I was interested in work that had no beginning or end; that was all middle yet somehow endless. My practice consisted of films of a figure carrying out the same gesture, with the films treated to show no looping point and no change or fatigue in the figure, to suggest indefinite, indeed infinite duration.

I was trying to ‘do’ something with time through these works, to use them to open up an altered experience of time, one that felt free from linear measured time. However, my work did not enable such an experience in its creation, nor did it convey such an experience to its audience. It consisted instead of countless failures to really ‘do’ something with time, countless bindings in time.

Some examples of these early works can be seen below. For further works, including a selection of my performance practice, please visit my Vimeo channel.

Hide and Seek

Fifth Wall

A Game